Saturday, 20 July 2019

A final note from the Leaders...

We have safely dropped the team off at the airport after another sad goodbye! We would both like to say once again a massive thank you to the amazing girls and teachers at Old Palace Croydon. They have been such a pleasure to work with and are a true credit to both the school and their families.

We feel honoured to have worked with such a unique, hardworking, passionate, strong and independent group of young women. We have had the best time getting to know them all over the last two weeks! The future is big for all of them! Big love from Jess and Nicola!

Friday, 19 July 2019

Safari Time!

Amazing, eye opening, inspirational these are just some of the words our crew has used to describe the trip, and we are all so sad it’s coming to a close. 

Today we left Gendi Primary and it was emotional to say goodbye to the pupils that we now call our friends, but after a short car journey with a few tears, we reached our Safari. We managed to see zebras, warthogs, elephants, mongoose, eagle, wilder beast, impala, waterbuck, dikdik, guinea fowls, warthogs and even the king of jungle: a lion. 

After we went to a market and managed to bargain ourselves some souvenirs. We have now settled in to our hotel and just had an interesting dinner, we are looking forward to another long but exciting day where we will go to another safari but we are also going to begin our journey home. On our return there are some cheeky requests; Olivia RA would like some curry goat, white rice and plantain (she also said she is missing mummy), and I’m not to sure what I want but probably a Nando’s please (looking forward to seeing the EK fam). Everyone else is in bed now so probably rice and beans.... even though we have had it every day, so probably not. On behalf of the op team, goodnight, we will be seeing you all soon, the trip has gone so quickly but every minute has been used whether it’s making cement or eating or even sleeping, and we have formed stronger friendships with each other and the pupils at Gendi, as well as our leaders, and Happiness and Helena. It has been an amazing experience with many laughs and tears, and it is soon home time. Bye for now....

From Sarah x

Oh and one last request... can Olivia R A’s mum make sure there are indomie in the house please! Thank you all!

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Last Day on Project

At the beginning of the day we had a final push to complete all the tasks we started which included: finishing the painting of the classrooms, completing the building of the washing station and creating a pathway with rocks and cement.

After a busy morning, we all freshened up for the leaving ceremony. After speeches, some traditional dances and a few songs from some of the students, we performed our song medley and choreography (with a few tears at the end). Then, we all received a certificate and presents for our efforts. 

After this we had a community lunch followed by playing with the kids and saying our goodbyes - a lot of tears were shed. So, to cheer us all up we had a mini disco once everyone else had left. This was followed by a group picture in front of the completed classrooms with two amazing women who have helped us on the trip - Helena and Happiness.

Since then, we have been packing and cleaning our rooms so we are ready to leave early tomorrow morning. 

Please continue to send blog comments as everyone here misses their loved ones a lot and it is really comforting to here from you all. 

P.s Good luck for your graduation tomorrow Josh, I’m sorry I couldn’t see you looking fabulous in your gown and hat! I’m so proud of you!! Xx

Wednesday, 17 July 2019


Today has been eventful which funnily enough doesn't differ from any of the other days. We started off the morning with tears as the sudden realisation of our departure hit us. The children of Gendi Primary School have made us reflect on our lifestyle's back at home, they have also shown us a sense of family and belonging which we have missed very much. At the start of the trip we were anxious of the journey that awaited us in Gendi, however, we have grown as a unit and developed an amazing bond, the memories we have created are priceless and I'm glad to have been given the opportunity to come on this trip. From the sports days to the community meetings or just singing in the shower together we are now able to appreciate the little things that make us happy.  

We can't wait to get back home although we will miss the simple life that we have lived in Tanzania. I miss my you Tristan, Ewan and Marcus and hope your having fun in England.

P.s I wouldn't mind a bubble bath and some hot chocolate when I get back home (thanks Mum and Dad)

Blog by Kayla

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Project coming together!

Hey Andy and Tony, thanks for the comment in the blog! We are leaving the school in 2 days, I’m sure I will be breaking down in tears in front of everyone. I didn’t think that I would be so attached to the kids here and I don’t know when can I ever see them again :( Also, the construction works are going well, we finished the flooring of two classrooms and we painted like way too many coats of paints on two other classrooms! My clothes are absolutely ruined but other than that everything is going really well! And I have never thought that the kids are gonna like me this much, receiving drawings and notes every day... I am definitely going to miss that! I thought everything is gonna be so bad but actually it’s the other way round except for the showers cuz the water is absolutely freezing on some nights and imagine showering in the dark with cold water and potentially insects crawling in lmao. Anyway I can’t wait to see you and tell you everything when I get back! And please comment again and ESPECIALLY FOR ASHYRE AND SARAH MY DEAR FRIENDS;)))))))
Love, Ally x

Ellis-Keeler family, if your seeing this hope everyone is well and enjoying summer in England, Tanzania is so amazing and I am going to miss it so much!!! Miss you all and can’t wait to see you, the children are amazing and always make me, and the group smile! Everyone is doing amazing and working hard, the leaders are so funny and never fail to make everyone laugh, two days left in the school and i already know I’m going to cry when we leave, but looking forward to a cheeky Nando’s :)) Char hope your travelling safely and have a lovely time, luce hope all is well at work, mum and dad hope you had a lovely holiday, hope bellas still crazy and fat, and hope nan is still partying. See you on Sunday, can’t believe it’s nearly over, it’s been amazing and it just keeps getting better, but I’ll tell you more when I see you.
Love, Sarah x (would be nice to hear from you)

Monday, 15 July 2019


Today we were once again woken up by the reoccurring “Wakey, wakey” from Miss Richards. Then, after a quick breakfast, we got to work.

With the amazing variety of songs from Nicola’s playlist, we were able to complete the majority of the painting for the first classroom, and the white wash coats of paint and the first coat of coloured paint on the outside for the second classroom. We did all this while singing our lungs out and entertaining the entire school during their break with an interesting cover of some classic 90’s songs. As well as having a sing and dance along to some female empowering BeyoncĂ© songs.

We also had some fun with bubbles and a few of the kindergarten students.

This evening, we are working hard to impress the school at the leaving ceremony on Thursday with a song medley and choreography.

We hope all is well at home. If you are able to, please respond because it’s so comforting to hear from loved ones at the end of a long day.

P.s whoever in my family wrote that last message and missed out the cat, I am extremely disappointed!! X

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Lake Babati

Today we had a lie-in but were rudely awakened by Miss Richards. We then had a quick breakfast and started our walk to church. 

There we danced with the children introducing them to English nursery rhymes as we waited for church to begin. Upon entering the church Tanae, Kayla and Jessica danced with the local
community at the front of the church. 

The service was very interesting and different to what we are use to as we found ourselves dancing and practising our twerking skills in the middle of the service. 

We then swiftly got back the the school and ate lunch where the team decided that Jessica was the best dancer even though she strongly disagrees with the decision. Once lunch was finished we all got ready for a lazy afternoon at Lake Babati. We were all extremely happy to know that we did not have to walk to the lake. 

When arriving at the river we were welcomed with fizzy drinks and a beautiful view. We were also lucky enough to witness a hippo in the river,  even though it was highly unlikely that we would. After a few heated card games we ventured back to the school where we ate a peculiar but delicious meal called chips mayyai which consisted of a omelette type food with chips mixed in. We finished the evening with a game of charades.
Written by: Jessica

P.S. Parents and friends who have not commented yet, please could you so that we can know that you are okay and because it is nice to hear from you after a long day.

A final note from the Leaders...

We have safely dropped the team off at the airport after another sad goodbye! We would both like to say once again a massive thank you to th...